Working With The Betta Group




The Betta Group is committed to creating a work environment where our employees feel valued as members of our team and can contribute to delivering high quality outcomes for our customers.  This commitment is supported by our values.

 Our Values:

Fairness & Honesty
We will be open and honest in our dealings with other team members, management, suppliers, our customers, and shareholders. We will address issues or concerns as they arise.
We will take pride in our presentation along with company vehicles and demonstrate outstanding work ethic and quality.
We will be respectful in the way we treat others. We will listen to the ideas of others and seek opportunities to provide our own.
We will work together to achieve success in our business. We will seek input from our peers and support those who continue to develop their skills and experience.
Passion for Excellence
We will strive for best practice processes in the way that we work. We will contribute to the continuous improvement of our operations.
Supporting our Workforce
We are committed to ensuring that all workers are able to work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment. We provide a supportive and safe work environment that promotes gender equity and models non-violent and respectful relationships.
Building Relationships with our Customers
We are mindful of the needs of our customers and will engage with them fully throughout our process to ensure their needs are met.

How the Objectives will be achieved:

Management will provide a workplace free of bullying and harassment free from intimidatory actions

  • Standards, policies, and procedures will be developed, documented, and communicated to support implementation
  • Create a supportive environment that will encourage people experiencing domestic and family violence to seek support
  • All personnel will be held accountable for their actions
  • Leadership demonstrating behaviours that aligns with our values
  • Inappropriate behaviour in the workplace will be dealt with quickly and fairly
  • Any accusations of breach of company requirements are documented and investigated fairly
  • Management will communicate and consult with employees where practical


The Betta Group of Companies will provide the time and resources necessary to implement this policy within our organisation.

Policy & Practice

Download a copy of our “Working with The Betta Group Policies and Practices” which applies to all activities conducted by the company The Betta Group, in their own and client premises.

This document describes the policies, requirements and practices of Betta Group of Companies as they relate to People Management Systems internally and externally.

Policy Document Cover

Who is ORCODA?

The parent company of The Betta Group is ORCODA Limited (ASX: ODA), who are an Australian owned and operated technology company that provides smart solutions for transport logistics and transport infrastructure services.

ORCODA’s transport infrastructure services are delivered through The Betta Group in major road, rail, and air infrastructure projects.

ORCODA’s transport logistics clients come from a diverse array of industry sectors and include some of Australia’s largest companies operating in the resources (mining, oil & gas and infrastructure), transport logistics, distribution and healthcare transport sectors.

ORCODA’s vision for the future is combining transport infrastructure services with transport logistics platforms to manage transport systems within the smart cities of the future.

ORCODA believes that electrification will be pivotal to running the plethora of smart devices (IOT, AI, ML, AR, VR etc) required within smart city road, rail and air infrastructure, all interconnected with technology platforms that book people parcels and goods into or onto the assets they travel in or on (car, bus, train, truck, plane or drones), and technology platforms that manage the routing, scheduling and optimisation of those assets.